Community Faucet

Powerful Faucet for Beginners

AStar Community Faucet

Shibuya Community Faucet

MATIC Community Faucet

Shiden Community Faucet

What is the Faucet?

It give you several times the cost of gas for free.
Like water spilling from a faucet.

What is AStar Community Faucet?

Faucet provided by the official is often broken, but it is important for beginners.
Therefore, it was created as a replacement for the official Faucet.
Moreover, this Faucet spills 10 times more ASTR|SDN than the official Faucet.

Supporter NFT

Faucet relies on the support of volunteers.
In return for their support, we give them a NFT as a proof of support.
If you are a Faucet user and know someone who has an NFT, please express your appreciation.

supporter nft